Watch our short video on time off for dependants for more detail

  • Time off for dependants is unpaid

  • It has to be reasonable time off

  • It’s for emergencies only

We get asked a lot about time off for dependants and the rules surrounding that, so here are three really quick points that you need to take into consideration.

A dependant is somebody like a child, a parent, somebody who depends on you.

  1. The time off is unpaid. There is no legal obligation to pay people for that time off.
  2. It needs to be reasonable time off. So if somebody’s calling every week because their child is sick, there will come a point where that becomes unreasonable and you’ll have to start conversations with that person.
  3. Its for emergencies only. For example, if your spouse has an operation planned in three weeks time, that isn’t an emergency, that is a scheduled disturbance that you should be able to plan around, and that wouldn’t trigger the legal right to time off for dependants

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