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We offer a wide range of HR topics that we can train you and your team in, whether that’s online, in person or at your place of work.

Below you’ll find details on our most popular training courses, however if you don’t see what you need please call Claire Brockbank on 07483 216288 or email as we can probably custom make something to suit.


Cost for 5 - 15 Delegates

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Digital workbook, certificate of attendance

Half Day (Online or In Person)


Workbook (after the session), certificate of attendance

Full Day (Online or In Person)


Workbook (after the session), certificate of attendance

Our training can be delivered online or in person at your venue. In person training will attract additional costs for travel time and mileage so please enquire for an accurate quote. All prices are excluding VAT.

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How would you deal with a team member who had lots of time off sick? Do you even track absences? What if someone is off longer term with a health condition? This session covers effective management of absences (both short and longer term), supporting someone with poor mental health and what to do if someone has an alcohol or drug addiction.

Diversity and inclusion are hugely important in attracting new recruits and maintaining engagement with your existing team. This session looks at what equality, diversity and inclusion means and how you can promote diversity and practice inclusion within your team.

Recruiting the right candidate can be tough, it’s even tougher when you lose your top performing employees. This session explores ways to recruit effectively and fairly and top tips for keeping your existing team engaged, motivated and happy at work.

There are 5 fair legal reasons for dismissal – conduct, capability, redundancy, statutory or legal reason, and some other substantial reason. This session explores the processes behind each (with emphasis on conduct, capability and redundancy as the more common ones), we look at previous tribunal cases and what they teach us and how to avoid ending up in tribunal yourself.

Our HR masterclass covers all the basics of HR and is ideal for new managers, supervisors, team leaders, business owners or anyone who deals with day to day HR matters. We cover contracts of employment, best practice for new starters, absence management, the disciplinary process, performance management and grievances.

Wellbeing is a hot topic in most workplaces, and a good wellbeing strategy should cover physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellbeing. In this session we explore what your responsibilities are as an employer and ways you can encourage positive wellbeing across all areas.

What exactly is flexible working? Who can request it and how should you process a request? This session looks at answering all the essential questions to ensure you can fairly and reasonably deal with any flexible working requests from your team.

How much maternity leave can my pregnant employee take? Am I entitled to paternity pay? What are the rules on shared parental leave? This session explores all this and more – we go through all the types of statutory family leave (maternity, adoption, paternity, parental, shared parental, parental bereavement), the associated pay, and best practice processes if an employee should request family leave.

When does a grievance need to be dealt with formally? What is a grievance anyway? How does mediation work? In this session we look at the journey of an employee complaints and your options for dealing with them, including when mediation may be appropriate and how to put it into place.

Performance management is a significant part of managing your people, but all too often businesses get it wrong. This session looks at the benefits of a high performing team and how to encourage excellence in performance. We also explore the reasons for under performance and best practice ways to deal with it (including how to have difficult conversations).

These half day workshops can be run with your senior leadership team and/or your employees – we share what’s important to us, both personally and professionally, and the objectives of the business so we can start to write our mission, vision and values.

Allegations of bullying in the workplace are really common, but would you know what to do if someone raised a concern? Do you know how bullying is defined and why harassment is different? This session goes through how to deal with concerns about bullying and/or harassment and best practice processes.

How welcome do your new employees feel? Do you have an induction plan, or do you just throw them in at the deep end? When does onboarding begin? This session answers these questions and helps you to establish a solid induction plan that will help you retain and engage your new recruits.

These half day workshops are run with your team (usually without senior leadership present). They are a fantastic way to drill down into how your employees really feel about working with you and what would make their lives better. At the end of the session you’ll be provided with a full report and tips as to how you can action suggestions.

Are you leaders leading, or just managing? Do they even know the difference? Our full day leadership session covers communication, delegation, time management, trust and how to best challenge your team.

We can host most of these sessions online or at your venue and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or you want to combine a few sessions into one, we can create a bespoke plan for you, to find out more please contact Claire Brockbank on 07483 216288.

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