Watch our short video on Dependants for more detail

  • Clarify who a dependant is

  • Explain what time off employees are entitled to

  • Let them know if this will be paid or not

Employees have a legal right to reasonable time off to deal with an emergency that involves a dependant. It doesn’t have to be paid time off, and it should only be for the time it takes to sort the problem or make arrangements, but what is classed as a dependant?

A dependant could be your spouse, partner, child, grandchild, a parent, or someone else who depends on you for their care.

Make sure you’ve got a policy in place so the employees know what their rights are, who a dependant is, and what they need to do if they require time off.

You should also keep a record of time off for dependants so you can ensure it is fair and reasonable, and let employees know if you do intend to pay them for this time or not. They may be able to make the time up later or use some of their holiday leave if necessary.

Do you have questions about dependants?

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