Watch our short video on pregnant employees for more detail

  • Congratulate them!

  • Discuss plans for their maternity

  • Carry out a pregnant employee risk assessment

One of our employees is pregnant, what do we do next?

Firstly, hopefully you’ve congratulated them! Don’t forget it might have been quite scary for them to tell you that news.

Arrange a meeting with them to sit down and discuss all the essential points.

Discuss things like:

  • time off for maternity appointments
  • what maternity leave they are entitled to
  • how much pay they’re likely to get
  • find out when the baby is due
  • keep in touch days

You also need to carry out a pregnant employee risk assessment. Make sure you identify any hazards and put in place steps to reduce or remove those risks. You should review this on a regular basis if circumstances change, such as if the job role changes or if your employee has any medical conditions relating to their pregnancy.

Plan how you’ll cover their workload. You may need to recruit a temporary worker, or it may be that you can distribute the workload around your current staff.

Make sure you organise a suitable handover, and most importantly keep in touch with your employee throughout the pregnancy and the maternity leave. It can be really scary coming back to work after a long period of absence, but if you’ve kept the lines of communication open and made your employee feel they’re still part of the team, hopefully they’ll integrate well.

Do you have questions about pregnant employees?

Give us a call at CUBE HR, we’ll be happy to advise you and we have policies and templates available to meet every HR need.

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