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  • Keep in touch

  • Invite them to events

  • Have a return to work conversation

We wanted to share with you a few points for employees that are off on maternity.

Once they’ve had the baby and commenced that leave, it’s really easy to forget about them, but actually being off on maternity leave can be a really lonely place. Here’s three things to consider:

  1. Stay in touch with them. If they want to, that is. Maybe have a monthly call with them, or drop them an email every now and again, see how they’re getting on.
  2. Invite them to company events that occur whilst they’re off on maternity leave. It’s their choice if they want to attend or not, but please do still include them.
  3. Don’t wait for the maternity leave to come to an end. Contact them a month or so before, ask them if they want to come in for a chat if they haven’t done already, then you can tell them about what’s changed in the organisation, see how they’re feeling about coming back to work, what are they nervous about, what can you help with.

It’s a really daunting time leaving your child to return to the workplace, so help them with that transition.

Do you have questions about maternity leave?

Give us a call at CUBE HR, we’ll be happy to advise you and we have policies and templates available to meet every HR need.

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