Watch our demonstration on how to do an investigation meeting

  • The investigation is an important part of the process

  • The investigation meeting is a fact finding exercise

  • Possible outcomes could be no action, more investigation or disciplinary

We’ve been asked a lot recently about safe ways to exit employees from the business, especially with companies making redundancies, but poor performance or conduct is not a legitimate reason for redundancy.

We explored settlement agreements as an alternative in an earlier demonstration and now we’re looking at the investigation, disciplinary and appeal process, which can be carried out for misconduct or poor performance (although your business may have a separate capability process for performance so do check).

Here we show you how to carry out an effective investigation meeting using the example of an employee who has timekeeping issues.

Next week we’ll be progressing to the disciplinary part of the process and week three will cover the appeal.

Do you have questions about the investigation meeting?

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