Watch our short video on the disciplinary process for more detail

  • Investigate – is there a case to answer

  • Formal disciplinary hearing

  • Right to appeal

One of the staples of our work is the disciplinary process. There should always be three stages to a disciplinary:

  1. The investigation – finding out if there is a case to answer. So witness statements, evidence, putting that to the individual to let them have their say to find out if there is a case.
  2. The disciplinary hearing – invite them in writing, given them enough time, give them the right to be accompanied, make sure you set out properly what they’re actually being brought in for and send them a copy of all the evidence.
  3. The appeal – if they have been given a sanction, they have the right to appeal and that would need to go to a more senior manager.

And that’s the three stages of the disciplinary process.

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