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  • An offence so serious it results in summary dismissal

  • You still need to investigate and go through your disciplinary process

  • Employees suspected of gross misconduct must be suspended

What do you do if you find out one of your employees has been submitting time-sheets for hours they haven’t worked? Can you dismiss them?

Possibly yes, but you need to follow the correct disciplinary process.

Falsification of time-sheets can be classed as fraud, which is a gross misconduct offence.

Gross misconduct is an act that’s so serious it justifies dismissal without notice, even for a first offence. They’re acts that destroy the trust and confidence between you and your employee. Other examples include things like serious breaches of health and safety, fighting in the workplace, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you suspect an employee of a gross misconduct offence, you must suspend them immediately and this is on full pay. You then need to hold your investigation and subsequent disciplinary.

If you find your employee guilty, you have the right to summarily dismiss them, this is no notice or pay in lieu of notice, although you will still need to pay them any salary or holiday pay due to them.

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