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  • An HR Health Check is important to move with the times

  • Employment law changes and you need to keep on top of it

  • Keep your organisation moving forward

You’ve got your employee handbook, it’s on your intranet or printed out in the office for all to read, so you’ve done your bit right?

Wrong! There’s a number of reasons why you need to continually review your HR practices – we call it an HR Health Check.

Reason 1 – Legislation Changes

This is probably the most obvious, but employment law changes and adapts regularly – every April there’s usually a law change, or a new policy that is needed, plus tribunal cases heard throughout the year provide case law and best practice suggestions, so it’s really important to make sure all your policies are as up to date as possible. We’ll often ask potential new clients when their handbook was last reviewed and we usually hear “never” or “about 5 years ago”. When we check through it, policies are out of date, yet managers are still working in line with the rules in that outdated employee handbook!

Reason 2 – People Change

Your personnel changes over the years – don’t assume they’ll all know where your handbook is kept, or take the time to read it. Don’t assume they’re all working to the same process, or that they all appreciate your approach to people management. A review and refresh is a good time to communicate new and existing policies to everyone, and update your working practices to move with the times.

Reason 3 – Organisations Change

Your company goals, vision and mission will flex over the years. Your policies, procedures and people management need to reflect your objectives, so that everyone is working towards those common goals, if your policies are out of date you may be inadvertently attracting the wrong behaviours from your employees and holding your organisation back. If your people management is still in the dark ages, expect nothing more than that reflected back at you.

Reason 4 – Systems and Processes Change

You may have a totally new way of doing something, new machinery, new services and your policies and people management may no longer fit. For example, you don’t want a social media policy saying no one is allowed to contribute to your company social media account, then employ a whole social media marketing strategy and division who then technically can’t do their job! You continually review processes to ensure you’re giving the best to your customers, so you need policies and processes that match.

Reason 5 – Methods Change

HR best practice is something that is always going to adapt with the times, otherwise it wouldn’t be best practice! New technologies make HR more dynamic, new guidance and research means we need to develop new ways of managing our people. Generations change and bring with them new challenges and a requirement to look to the future. Don’t get left behind.

So there you have it, 5 excellent reasons to carry out an HR Health Check on a regular basis, or of course you could let us do this for you!

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