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  • Don’t assume you know what they want

  • Link training and development to objectives

  • Make sure they get relevant experience

We get asked a lot about training and development within a company so here are three quick things to think about when considering training and developing your people.

  1. Don’t assume that you know what training and development they want. An individual should own their own development, not you as their manager, so ask them – what interests you, where do you see yourself going?
  2. Try and link it to their objectives. Wherever they fit in the organisation, try and make that training, whether its internal or external, fit.
  3. Think about the support that they might need and exposure to work areas that they might need as well. For example, if they’re doing an accountancy qualification, they’re going to need to know about VAT, they’re going to need to know about tax returns, they’re going to need to know about bookkeeping, so make sure you put them in an environment where they get exposure to all that variety.

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