Watch our short video on termination for more detail

  • Tribunal risks – not a nice place to go

  • Reputational damage – what will they say about you

  • Your own mental health may suffer

We’re going to talk to you about a nasty topic today, termination.

It’s really, really important that you exit people correctly from your business, and there’s three reasons for that.

  1. You could end up in a tribunal. It’s not a very nice place to go. The judge and their defence will try and rip you to shreds, so its really important, exit them properly.
  2. Reputational damage. If you haven’t exited someone properly or fairly, they are going to tell everybody, and that will have an impact on your business.
  3. Think about your own well-being. If you exit somebody and these things happen, so you go to a tribunal or your reputation suffers, that will have an impact on your mental health. We’ve had clients that have ended up in tribunal. They don’t sleep, they worry, it makes them stressed. You can avoid all that by exiting correctly.

Do you have questions about termination?

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