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  • The maximum award for unfair dismissal was £947,585

  • Discrimination awards are uncapped and vary greatly

  • Maximum disability discrimination award last year was £416,015

We all hope we never end up facing a tribunal, but the reality is, most employers won’t escape a claim, even if they never make it to court.

But what happens when it really does go wrong? Here’s some statistics on tribunals last year.

The average award for unfair dismissal was £13,704, but the maximum that was awarded for an unfair dismissal claim last year was £947,585.

Although unfair dismissal claims are capped at about £86,000, there’s no upper limit when it comes to dismissals involving whistle-blowing or certain health & safety concerns.

And there’s no cap for discrimination claims where the maximum awards vary greatly.

For religious or belief discrimination the maximum award was £12,000, sex discrimination was £24,103, race discrimination £33,660, age discrimination £172,070, and for disability discrimination the maximum claim last year was £416,015! We don’t have any statistics on sexual orientation discrimination but I’m sure there’ll be some coming through in the next report.

As you can see, getting it wrong can be really, really costly, so do always make sure you take advice when you’re dismissing someone, especially if it might involve some kind of discrimination.

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