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  • What can you do about employee’s social media posts?

  • Do you have a social media policy?

  • Check things like privacy settings on posts

“I’m Facebook friends with all of my employees and I recently came across a picture of one of them wearing his uniform, pretending to set fire to it, with a caption that said I hate my job but I can’t afford to leave. What can I do about this?”

Well the first thing to look at is do you have a social media policy and has it been communicated to your staff? If not, you may need to get one.

You need to investigate this matter further as you may want to take disciplinary action.

This employee has potentially harmed your company’s reputation. It’s clear from his uniform where he works and that he’s unhappy with the company.

Your investigation needs to take account of things like the privacy settings of the post, how many engagements it’s had, who’s commented on it and liked it, and why your employee thought that this post was appropriate.

And more importantly, you might want to find out why your employee is so unhappy at work.

Do you have questions about your social media policy?

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