Watch our short video on social media for more detail

  • What can employees download?

  • What are the rules on usage?

  • What can employees post to social media?

Some quick things to think about when we look at social media and you having a policy or how you treat people in the workplace with regards to social media.

  1. What’s your policy on people downloading things to their work equipment? You need to be explicit in what is allowed, or probably, not allowed.
  2. What usage is acceptable? Are people allowed to browse freely? Is it on lunch breaks, outside working hours? Make sure you’ve communicated that effectively.
  3. What’s your policy on what they post, perhaps to their work pages and to their personal pages as well. You don’t want employees putting things on Facebook that might be derogatory about your business, or on LinkedIn where they’re listed as working for you, and again, be posting things derogatory on their personal posts, so just make sure that you’ve got a policy about what is expected.

Do you have questions about social media?

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