Watch our short video on how to carry out a 1st meeting redundancy meeting consultation

  • Redundancy consultation meetings via zoom can be tricky

  • Watch our demo for some tips

  • Check before taking any action

Many businesses are faced with making cuts and this means redundancies. The redundancy process is a delicate one, but carrying out redundancy consultations via Zoom, or another virtual method, poses its own challenges from connection issues, to upset employees.

If you need to do redundancy consultations via Zoom, please watch our demonstration video where we show you how it should be done and what to watch out for.

We’d like to thank Lucy Few and Matt Simmons from Sales Geek ( for their help with filming.

Please, please, do check with your HR expert before commencing any redundancy consultations via zoom or otherwise – we’ve given you a very simple example here, but it can be much more complex.

Do you have questions about conducting a redundancy consultation via Zoom?

Give us a call at CUBE HR, we’ll be happy to advise you and we have policies and templates available to meet every HR need.

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