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  • Instigate conversations

  • You don’t have to know the answers

  • Create a culture where its good to talk

We all have mental health. Sometimes we have good mental health, and sometimes we have poor mental health, and it’s really important in an organisation that you do three things to protect your employees and help them have a good mentalility.

  1. Encourage conversations. If you notice a change in anybody at work, please, please open up a conversation.
  2. You are not expected to have the answers or solutions. Don’t be afraid to approach somebody because you aren’t sure what to do. Just be there to listen to them. You can signpost them to the right people to get some help.
  3. By doing that, you will help to embed a culture where it’s OK to talk, where we feel comfortable in coming forward and sharing our problems, and that’s all we’re asking employers to do, is to encourage those conversations.

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