Watch our short video on long term sick for more detail

  • Keep in touch

  • Seek medical opinions

  • Make reasonable adjustments

We wanted to share a couple of tips with you in case you have any employees that might be off sick for a period of time.

We consider that if someone’s off for longer than four weeks, that would be classed as long term sick, and there’s a few different things we’d recommend that you do to assist that employee.

  1. Keep in touch with them. It’s hard when you’re off sick, and its harder to get somebody back into the workplace if they don’t have that constant communication with you.
  2. Involve medical professionals. We’re sure you are fantastic at what you do, but you’re not a qualified medical professional and it’s not for you or us to have an opinion on that employee’s well-being or what we can do to bring them back to work. We need to involve a professional.
  3. Consider reasonable adjustments. Especially if that person is covered under the Equality Act, you have a legal obligation to look at adjustments that you could make in the workplace. And even if they’re not, it would be nice to do that so that we can try and get them back to work.

Do you have questions about long term sick?

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