Watch our short video on how to do a successful induction

  • Don’t use a checklist

  • Show the employee their value

  • Give them a buddy to ask questions to

One of the things we get asked a lot is how to induct somebody successfully into an organisation, and let me tell you, a tick-box checklist is not the right way to do it.

  1. Look at where they are going to sit in terms of contribution. Where does what they do fit in to what the organisation does and its goals?
  2. You’ve hired them because they’ve got a set of skill. Play to those strengths. Show them what they’re going to do, so is there a specific project or piece of work you can give them that’ll give them a real sense of ownership from the start?
  3. What happens if they need to talk to somebody about a piece of work, or just where the canteen is, or where they can get a butty from at lunchtime? It’s really important they’ve got that point of contact so don’t leave them feeling isolated on the first day and make sure they’ve got a go to person.

A good induction should be personalised to each employee (although it will need to cover some core basics for everyone, like going through paperwork, health & safety and your employee handbook).

Do you have questions about how to do a successful induction?

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