Read our top tips for promoting employee wellbeing

  • Actively promoting employee wellbeing is important

  • Create the right culture

  • Encourage a good work life balance

It’s World Mental Health Week, and what better time to talk about our top tips for promoting employee wellbeing in the workplace.

  1. Promote wellbeing – use your internal communication channels to talk openly about mental health and wellbeing and raise awareness through blogs, factsheets, tips and advice and useful weblinks.
  2. Involve employees in your wellbeing approach – why not have a dedicated “wellbeing” team who are tasked with promoting positive employee wellbeing across the business?
  3. Encourage a good work/life balance – are employees taking their lunch breaks? Is everyone using their holiday allowance each year? who is answering calls and emails on evenings and weekends?
  4. Examine your policies on mental health and stress awareness – do they do enough? Are they communicated to your staff?
  5. Set up regular one on one time – when employees know they have a dedicated time with their manager rather than having to ask for that time, they will feel more comfortable about opening up on difficulties.
  6. Look at your work environment – is there enough natural light? Are there plants? Is it colourful enough? How’s the temperature?
  7. Communicate your company culture and vision – when employees understand the direction the company is going in, they feel more positive about their role within that journey.
  8. Explore health & fitness options – can you offer a gym membership, fitness classes, a cycle to work scheme?
  9. Provide free fruit and healthy drinks – also make sure any food you do provide is as healthy as possible.
  10. Start a sports team – or create a healthy exercise competition such as who can do the most steps or walk the most miles.
  11. Look at an Employee Assistance Programme for mental health support – or partner with a local counselling service.
  12. Say “thank you” – employees who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to feel happier at work.
  13. Set up an education day – give staff access to specialists who can help them save money, reduce bills or budget better.
  14. Actively encourage staff to take care of themselves – presenteeism is a massive issue in the workplace, if an employee is ill encourage them to take time out to recover
  15. Focus on personal development – encourage employees to think about where they want to go, and help them get there.
  16. Set up volunteer days – or organise a charity event.

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