Watch our short video on saying no to holiday requests for more detail

  • Explain why you’re saying no

  • Show them it was a hard decision

  • Offer them an alternative

We’re in holiday mode! But what happens when you have to say no to people’s holiday requests?

It’s really sad for employees, so three little tips for you.

  1. Give them the justification. Is it because somebody else is off? Is it because it’s your busiest time in production?
  2. Show them that it’s been a difficult decision for you. Hopefully you’re not just doing it because you want to make them feel bad and it has actually been difficult. Let them know that, share it with them.
  3. Offer them an alternative. Maybe look at when people aren’t off or when production might be a little bit quieter.

It is really difficult to say no to holiday requests, but sharing with them your reasons why and showing them it was a hard decision will just help you a little bit.

Do you have questions about saying no to holiday requests?

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