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  • Let your employee know if they’ve passed

  • Take time to review and set new targets

  • Celebrate that they’ve passed their probation period

Picture the scene, you start your new job full of enthusiasm on a six month probation period. You get to month seven, day one and nothing happens.

You just keep turning up for work. You assume everything is OK because you’ve still got a job, but no one has told you that you’ve passed your probation period.

It feels a bit flat, right?

What about scenario two – you start your new job full of enthusiasm on a six month probation, every month you have a short 10-minute sit down with your manager to discuss any areas you still need training on, any targets you’ve been set, and to make sure you have no problems.

A couple of weeks before the end of month six, your manager goes through a short review of your performance, sets some new targets for you, and tells you that you’ve passed your probation period.

The next day you get a nice letter celebrating the fact that you’re now a fully fledged member of the team.

Scenario two definitely sounds better, right?

It may not mean a lot to you as the employer that your employee has passed their probation, but it might mean the world to them, so take the time to tell them they’ve done a good job. After all, if they were doing a bad job, you’d be quick to mention it.

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