Watch our short video on party season for more detail

  • Remind employees not to drink and drive

  • A hangover is still classed as under the influence

  • Could someone have a problem?

Its party season, so here’s three things to think about when it comes to alcohol and drugs.

  1. When you are sending out your invites for your Christmas party, remind people not to drive to work the day after if they’re going to drink a lot. Most people are still over the drink drive limit.
  2. Remind employees of their obligations to turn up for work fit. A hangover is still classed as being under the influence of alcohol, so they need to be really careful.
  3. If somebody is turning up on a regular basis and appears to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs, take a step back, consider if they have a problem, might they need some help or support? Talk to your line manager, reach out to your HR partner, and try to understand if there is an underlying issue before you look at going in harsh.

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