Watch our short video on managing performance effectively for more detail

  • Make sure employees are aware what performance is required

  • Give them clear objectives

  • Give the right support

Today we’re talking about performance and how to manage performance effectively

  1. If you’re giving someone a specific project to do, tell them what the end result has to be, what are the deliverables?
  2. Break that down into objectives for that individual. Make it so that it’s really clear what your expectations of them are.
  3. Think about support. What should they do if they’ve got questions, if they need materials or resources to help them deliver your objectives?

Keep it really simple, but make sure you’re there to provide that holding hand.

Make sure you review performance regularly, checking on the objectives – are they on target to achieve them, if not, why not? Do they need anything further from you or from others to help them? If they have already achieved them, do new objectives need to be set?

Do you have questions about managing performance effectively?

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