Watch our short video on absence management for more detail

  • Treat everyone the same

  • Use your triggers and disciplinary policy

  • Identify problems

There’s three reasons why you should do absence management.

  1. Ensure consistency with your team. It’s really, really important that everybody is treated the same and that they’re treated fairly. Whether there are 12 absences or 2 absences, it can have a huge impact on the team if that’s not done.
  2. You need to be aware when people hit trigger points. So if they’ve had a certain amount of absences, your disciplinary policy might be instigated.
  3. Tracking absence and monitoring it will allow you to identify if there might be any underlying issues that an employee might need your support with.

Whether you use Bradford Factor, triggers or some other monitoring and scoring system, make sure you have a consistent policy, and that you follow it for everyone.

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