HR Training with CUBE HR

We offer a wide range of HR topics that we can train you and your team in, whether that’s online, in person or at your place of work.

Costs vary depending on the method of delivery and the topic/duration.

Below you’ll find details on our most popular training courses, however if you don’t see what you need please call Claire Brockbank on 07483 216288 or email as we can probably custom make something to suit.

Absence management – do you have effective absence processes? How do you deal with long term sickness?
Equality, diversity & inclusion – how inclusive is your workplace?
Recruiting and retaining your top talent
Safely navigating dismissal
HR masterclass (all the basics of HR) – delivered as a half day online or full day in person session
Taking care of employee wellbeing from an HR perspective
The flexible working model
Understanding your family friendly policies
What to do if an employee raises a grievance
All things culture and engagement
Assertiveness without aggression (for managers)
How effective are your communication skills?
Encouraging excellence and addressing poor performance
Upskilling for new managers
How does your culture impact employee engagement?
Mission, vision, values workshops
Understanding bullying & harassment
Onboarding – how welcome do your new employees feel?
Stop Start continue workshops
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