How does HR outsourcing work?

HR outsourcing involves engaging CUBE HR to look after your HR needs and your people. We become your HR department managing the entire employee experience in partnership with you, allowing you to focus on your day job.  


What kind of services do you provide?

We offer 3 core services as below but we can adapt to any HR need:

Retained clients: Our retained clients get our fully bespoke service with one dedicated HR Consultant. We start by ensuring your contracts and policies are fit for purpose and fully compliant with current employment legislation then we’ll look at the whole employee experience with you from induction and onboarding, to training, appraisals, reward & recognition, communication, engagement and succession planning. 

You also get unlimited advice and guidance on any problems that might occur, such as disciplinary, grievance, absence etc. Whatever happens in your employees’ journey, we are there to partner with you and we are that confident you will love us, we only ask for a month’s notice if you want to leave us, there is no minimum term. 

Ad-Hoc / Projects: You would get one point of contact and we can work on an hourly or day rate to chair disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings or appeals, conduct redundancy consultations, lead restructures and contract variations, TUPE. We can provide maternity cover if your HR person is going on maternity leave. We can deliver bespoke training and development and lead or enhance employee engagement initiatives.  

Template service:  We can provide contracts of employment, service contracts, employee handbooks, drivers handbooks, invite letters, outcome letters, guidance notes, settlement agreements, absence management toolkits, maternity packs, redundancy packs and many more. You can either buy them to complete yourself, or we can complete them for you. 


How much would it cost?

Our retained clients pay a monthly fee based on the number of employees they have and it starts from as little as £99 per month for unlimited support. For ad-hoc and project work we will work with you to look at the most cost-effective option for you. Our values mean we want repeat business, not one-off work so we ensure we are competitive and it’s usually not as expensive as you’d think! Our templates start at £9.99 each.  


What locations can you cover?

We can cover any location across the UK as we operate virtually.


What separates you from other HR agencies?

We offer a very personal service with a dedicated contact that you have the mobile number and named email, no call centre advice line or general email boxes here.  

We get to know you and your business inside out, we even know where our clients are going on holiday as we build that type of relationship. We’ll even speak to your employees if you want us to, just like an in-house HR department would. 

We don’t tie you into a lengthy contract either, there is no minimum term and it’s only one month’s notice if you want to leave, we want our clients to be with us because they want to be and not because they are tied into a lengthy contract.  


Why would I outsource instead of hiring someone internally?

Cost and experience. All our team have CIPD qualifications (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) and years of HR experience from many different backgrounds, support that would cost a significant amount if you were to employ someone internally. Plus our service fits your needs, so you get as little or as much time as you need from us.


How do you manage payroll or benefits administration?

We can advise on some payroll and benefits queries and where we need specialist advice, we have several partners. 


How can you manage our HR without being onsite all the time?

We’re always at the end of a phone or video call and the pandemic has proven that remote working is effective. We have clients hours away that we have never met face to face. We’re in regular contact with you and when you come on board we carry out an HR Health Check, this allows us to create a plan of action with you. You can contact us at any time and we’re not against visiting your site for a brew and a catch up if you want us to.  


How do you know what services we need when we’re not even sure?

That’s the beauty of us being experts. With our knowledge and experience, we will partner with you to ensure you have what you need. Legislation dictates what you must have so we start there and our HR Health Check identifies other areas that you might want us to support you with.  


We have an HR team and only need to supplement our team at certain times for projects or services. How does this work?

We work closely with many businesses to roll out projects, cover maternity leave, do things the HR team don’t have time for, or just be on hand for a 2nd opinion, you still get our personal, dedicated service and we will work with you to ensure we offer the best fit for your needs.


Why should my company outsource HR?

You get extensive HR experience and knowledge from a qualified professional for a fraction of the price employing someone would. We make sure you are keeping up to date with current legislation at all times and we can provide your business with as much or as little support as you need. With no contract tie in, no hidden costs and no employment costs either, you have nothing to lose. Our clients tell us they wonder how they ever managed without us.  


What is an HRO?

Us! An HRO is an HR Outsourcing service and involves engaging CUBE HR to look after your HR needs and your people. We become your HR department managing the entire employee experience in partnership with you, allowing you to focus on your day job. 


What types of companies use outsourced HR?

Every type! There’s no limit to the size or industry that may use outsourced HR – anyone from 1 employee upwards needs some sort of HR support or advice and employment legislation means there are certain things that MUST be done even with just 1 employee. 


Will we be locked into a contract?

No, it’s one of our unique offerings. We want to work with businesses that want to work with us so we don’t tie you in – our contracts run for one month and we ask for one months’ notice if you want to leave us.