Watch our instructional video on how to carry out a return to work meeting post furlough

  • Find out what your employees liked and disliked about being at home

  • Remember everyone will have had a different experience

  • Be prepared to listen to worries and concerns

Are you wondering how to best support you employees as you bring them back into work after a period of furlough?

Our Monday Mode session this week shows you how to conduct a return to work meeting via zoom, what sort of questions you should ask and some of the challenges and objections you may come up against.

It’s impossible for us to cover every scenario, but we’ve tried to give you some examples of issues we know our clients have faced already.

We’ve also created two return to work meeting forms for you to use as templates – one for those returning from furlough, and one for those returning from working from home. If you’d like access to these forms please contact us.

Do you have questions about carrying out return to work meetings post furlough?

Give us a call at CUBE HR, we’ll be happy to advise you and we have policies and templates available to meet every HR need.

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