Team culture is something that informs every aspect of your business from day-to-day operations to intangibles like mood and motivation. A positive team culture not only reflects itself in good work but also the health and wellbeing of your team. But how do you nurture a winning team culture? We’re going to look at some easy steps to create a healthy environment and develop your team’s culture. 

Develop Your Company Culture


Company culture is more than just a section on the ‘About’ page. Understanding why, what, and how your company runs informs decision-making and allows your employees to buy into what your company is trying to achieve. Every company, from the smallest SMEs to large multinational corporations require direction and purpose. Start by answering these big questions and you’ll find defining individual goals or searching for the right person for a role will all fall into place.

Define Goals and Values


Once you have the overall vision, then defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how your team can achieve these goals helps breed a winning team culture. If your team know exactly what’s expected of them and can see their growth reflected in achievable results or milestones, then you’ll find more employees will buy into your vision. 

So many company issues come down to unclear communication. If you define your identity, and then how each person can feed into this overall goal, you can create a team mentality that is driven by achievable goals and growth.

Winning team culture with communication

Reward Your Team


When setting goals, it’s important to make sure everyone understands what rewards they can achieve. A higher pay grade, more leave, training, or even just a new title with more freedom or control are all ways to reward hitting targets and shows that a company fairly rewards team players.  Don’t forget to ask them how they want to be rewarded too, sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference and remember what works for one person won’t for everyone, an individual approach is needed. 

Invest in Wellness


Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing. Employees who feel underappreciated or unmotivated care less about their work. Invest in a wellness infrastructure, be this a bespoke HR solution, a mental health awareness campaign, or fun activities to blow off some steam. By showing you care about your team, you can foster a sense of togetherness and create a community that supports each other when the pressure is on. 

If you need a hand with HR or office happiness in general then contact CUBE HR. We offer a wide range of HR services designed to help you and your team work better, communicate more efficiently, and lead healthier lives. Our work is all built upon making employees happier. A happier workplace makes happier customers. We have a wide range of winning strategies to aid communication and allow your employees to feel heard.

Team wellness

Learn from Mistakes


Learning from mistakes is a part of everyday life. Where most companies suffer is in focusing on punishment or blame instead of looking at ways to learn from a mistake. Your team will be more likely to be open and honest if they feel they will be heard and understood, not just berated. 

When issues arise, take the time to understand how the problem occurred and how your systems can be improved to prevent these problems in the future. This is often a case of trial and error. You should review changes to process regularly to see how they may have improved the issue and how you can improve processes even more. 

By addressing gripes and process issues, your team will feel their concerns are heard and feel more a part of a team rather than employees.

Take Extra Care with New Hires


Finding a new employee is a great way to tailor your vision and find someone who fits your team. A new hire is a clean slate; make sure that you hire not just for skills and experience, but personality too. Your vision and culture are key aspects of the work you do so when interviewing you need to look for candidates who fit your culture. New hires can reinforce your identity and bring new ideas and energy to your team. Don’t underestimate soft skills, include them as a criterion for winning team culture.

Open team communication

Do you need a hand understanding your team’s needs? Perhaps you want some assistance building team confidence and communication. At CUBE HR, we are committed to helping teams become winners, offering everything from full HR services to specific case needs. We also offer a free HR Health Check and Risk Assessment and are ready and waiting to answer any other questions you may have. Contact us now and experience award-winning HR services.