According to GPs, sick note requests have risen by 78%. And sorry to say, it’s probable that, as we head into winter, that figure will rise.

So, what can you do to manage and reduce sickness this year?

Firstly, look at your policy on medical appointments. Do staff have to take a day off to attend an appointment, or could you offer a set number of hours for use on appointments each year? People may be reluctant to use holiday time for medical appointments, so a flexible approach could stop them taking sick days unnecessarily.

You may also consider relaxing rules on home working – during the pandemic we saw far fewer sick days being taken, so there’s something to be said for a more comfortable working environment. Perhaps in some cases, where an employee has a bad back, for example, they may be able to work at home, whereas getting into the office and sitting at a desk all day could prove too difficult.

Create a positive working environment and encourage your people to come to you whenever they feel they need to. This could help to reduce problems in the workplace and therefore reduce sick leave.

You may also wish to take things a step further and offer staff perks, like gym memberships or subscriptions to mental health apps, like Headspace. As always, if you need any help implementing changes, give us a call.

Do you have questions about Absences?

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