Your employees are on the front line of your information security. Even with policies in place it’s a good idea to educate employees on ways they can stay safe and guard your company’s data and networks.

  1. Be mindful of where information can be seen – if a picture has shows a whiteboard in the background that contains sensitive data and this gets posted on social media, even if accidental, can give away IP or trade secrets.
  2. Never enter personal or company information in response to an email, pop-up webpage or other communication that you didn’t initiate – if you aren’t sure, ask!
  3. Use strong passwords, change them on a regular basis and don’t leave your computer or lap-top logged in while you go to the loo, or on your break.
  4. Only connect to secure Wi-fi systems. If you do have to use a public wi-fi make sure you log out of any password protected sites you go to and never save your data.
  5. If you’re working from home, make sure you have a firewall to prevent against cyber-attacks – ask your IT support if you aren’t sure.
  6. Any devices you use for work should have anti-virus and malware detection installed – again if you are not sure, ask your IT support.
  7. Back up your files in line with your company policy.