Claire has won another award to add to our award winning HR Support!

This time from the team at HIVE for the “In It Together” awards.

I nominated Claire for one of these awards because of the relentless support she has given to our clients, and those who aren’t our clients, during the pandemic.

We provide HR support for businesses that aren’t large enough to have their own HR support or who do have it but need some additional support.  COVID was new for everyone, as was the furlough scheme and the constant changes to guidance.  During the daily briefing updates that we used to get, Claire would be sat laptop on knee each night at 5pm and have the information captured and put in a format that was easy to understand, together with any actions needed and out to our clients the same day.

Every time there were updates to social distancing, shielding, furlough and the CJRS she did the same.  No one asked her to do this, she took it upon herself to ensure our clients were well informed as quickly as possible.  We have received amazing feedback from our clients, saying that they could not believe how quickly we were updating them.  We’ve had clients forward it on to their contacts and asked to be placed on the mailing list.

She has owned the entire communication and update process for our clients.  She introduced our tutorial video sessions that we now have on our YouTube channel, (i.e. how to do a redundancy via zoom), she has put on free webinars, and continues to work relentlessly to ensure our clients have the most up to date and accurate information they can.  As the business owner I know I haven’t needed to worry about it as Claire has been totally in control.

We have helped over 60 local businesses free of charge during the pandemic,  and have asked for nothing in return, from things like how to put someone on furlough and giving them a template letter to guiding them through a redundancy process.  Claire has ensured all those businesses that we have helped are on our mailing list allowing them access to up to date changes as they happen so that we continue to support them as the guidance changes so often.

Claire has been brilliant throughout and we get amazing feedback about all she has done.  She truly has shown that we are all “In it Together”

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