Watch our short video on laying staff off for more detail

  • Laying staff off requires a contractual clause

  • Anyone laid off is entitled to guaranteed payments

  • If lay off continues, employees can claim redundancy

Laying staff off can be quite confusing, it’s different to redundancy or furlough, so here’s three things you need to know:

  1. To lay staff off you must have a contractual right to do so – that might be in your contract or your handbook. If you are unsure if your handbook is contractual, please check with your HR team.
  2. Someone who is laid off is entitled to a guaranteed payment for the first 5 days. It’s currently £30 but it does tend to change every April so do check before you make any guaranteed payments.
  3. The individual who has been laid off can make a claim to be redundant if they’ve been laid off for a period of 4 weeks in a row, or 6 weeks in a 13 week period.

Lots to take into consideration there and do take advice before laying staff off.

Do you have questions about laying staff off?

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