Make Staff Redundant Fairly and Safely

We’re not just here for you through the best of times, we here through the worst of times too. We can help you with:

  • Changing hours/days/working patterns
  • Laying off employees
  • Making redundancies
  • Bringing people back from furlough effectively
  • Ensuring engagement and mental health are managed

Allowing CUBE HR to look after these things for you means:

  • You can sleep at night knowing you are doing it right
  • You can avoid ending up in a tribunal, saving you time, money and emotional stress
  • You can have as little or as much help as you need

You don’t have to sign a lengthy contract with us, we’re happy to help you with only what you need as a one-off project, or you can become one of our retained clients on a rolling monthly contract – it’s up to you.

Below is a selection of blogs and videos we have created around the topics of redundancy, lay off, contract variation and furlough. You can pick up the phone, email or message us through social media and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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