Redundancy is never a pleasant process, and if you are in the unfortunate position of needing to make cuts, you need to know you are doing it right – the last thing you need is a costly tribunal after all!

Sometimes the process is straightforward, you have one employee doing one role in one location and you no longer need them. But if you have several employees in the same, or similar, roles and you need to choose between them, you need to make sure you have a fair selection process.

For example, you have 10 sales guys who operate in the North West, they do have individual areas, but those areas overlap and in reality each of the sales reps could cover all of the areas.

You’ve decided that you need to reduce staffing costs as your sales team are costing too much money and not bringing enough revenue in, you need to make cuts. You’ve done your figures and you know you can manage with a team of 8 going forward – this will ensure all areas are still covered and there’s enough work for everyone and it will make it easier for your remaining sales team to hit their targets.

Its tempting to look at some of the more traditional methods – last in first out, or your face doesn’t fit so its you, or you’re the youngest so it’s you, but each of these methods is flawed – what if you get rid of your one superstar sales guy just cos he was the last to join? What if you’re facing an age discrimination tribunal because you chose the youngest (or the oldest!)?

This is when this Redundancy Pack should be used. (If you need our simple, self-selecting pack please go to REDUNDANCY PACK – SINGLE OR SELF SELECTING)

Our Redundancy Pack – Pool gives you guidance on the process from start to finish, template letters and a handy statutory redundancy payment chart, giving you all you need to plan your strategy.

Selection criteria can be tricky and if you’re not sure what to do about this, please do seek advice – we are more than happy to give some guidance on the process.

Download Redundancy Pack – Pool for just £149 plus VAT.

If you need more guidance on the Redundancy process, why not check out our demonstration video Redundancy Consultation Meeting – Our 1st Monday Mode Session.

We’ve also got loads of other educational videos on our YouTube channel.